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The Bioprinter for Every Application

The Allevi 3 bioprinter empowers you to print any cell line, into any geometry for any application that you can imagine. Allevi 3 will exceed your needs today and has the versatility to grow with your work.

Easily and quickly print multi-cell tissues with three extruders. Incorporate vasculature into thick tissues, print supports for complex geometries or combine thermoplastics with vascularized soft tissues. One-step fabrication makes creating complex tissues simple.

The print bed has temperature control from room temperature up to 60° C to keep cells viable for longer print sessions, and the bed is compatible with petri dishes, well plates and glass slides.

The Allevi 3 is designed for use with the Allevi CORE removable extruder system, which accepts 5mL plastic or metal luer lock syringes and is optimized for all of the bioinks we offer.

Gone are the days of manually calibrating your extruder before getting started with your print. Simply press calibrate and let the Allevi 3 bioprinter do all of the work.

With the Allevi 3 bioprinter you can choose to cure biomaterials in either visible or ultraviolet light. Each extruder houses two separate LEDs in the ranges of 365nm and 405nm.

With temperature control from 4° C to 160° C, the Allevi 3 bioprinter is able to print a wide range of bioinks including collagen solutions, matrigel solutions, gelatin methacrylate, alginate, graphene, carbohydrate glass, polycaprolactone (PCL), and PLGA – just to name a few.

The Allevi 3 is built around a compressed air pneumatic system, making it very easy to achieve clean starts and stops in printing. Pressure ranges between 1 and 120 PSI accommodate a wide range of viscous materials.

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