PCR & World´s fastest qPCR thermal cyclers
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PCR & World´s fastest qPCR thermal cyclers

40 cycle qPCR in less than 10 minutes

Analytik Jena offers a wide produt variety of high-performance standard thermal cyclers for PCR as well as highly effiencient real-time thermal cyclers for DNA amplification and quanification.

The xxpress thermal cycler provides the world’s fastest and most thermally uniform PCR tests. By using the xxplate consumable as the resistive heating element in a very low voltage circuit, we can direct and deliver precise amounts of heat.

The xxpress thermal cycler performs 40 cycle qPCR in less than 10 minutes.

xxplates are available in 24, 54, and 96 well formats, they are completely interchangeable requiring no hardware modification. The system for heating uses a number of discrete power supplies to pass currents through the xxplate via a number of different routes, thus giving multi-zone heating control ensuring heat is delivered precisely where it is required.

This heating and cooling is under the control of a complex algorithm. To deliver the temperature response required the control algorithm decides which heating pattern to use and the amount of heat to be generated. This measurement, calculation and heating cycle happens 100 times per second and the system delivers a thermal accuracy and uniformity of better than ± 0.3°C.

The system can run up to 5 PCR cycles per minute with fluorescence measurement every cycle. The thermal ramp rate in the sample throughout the run is 10°C per second. Five colour fluorescence measurements are made through the transparent polyester sealing film over the tops of the wells.

The key enabling technology is the patented BJS heating system which allows very fast, accurate performance from a simple low-cost consumable.

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PCR & World´s fastest qPCR thermal cyclers products

The robust ans easy-to-control thermal cycler is well suited for the most common applications: 96 well with optional 12 column gradient function.

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The flexible high-quality thermal cycler with the block quick-change system and 12 different block modules, blocks for 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml tubes/plates and 384 well plates.

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The Fastest and the most Thermally Accurate qPCR thermal cycler in the World

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The powerful standard PCR system for integration into fully automated liquid handling and robotics systems, in 96 well or 384 well format.

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