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Automated liquid handling made easy

The CyBio FeliX is a flexible and fully automatic multi-channel pipetting robot. The modular system consists of a basic unit, with a unique two-level deck system and easy-to-change pipetting heads. The pipetting heads can automatically switch between different pipette tip magazines, pipetting tools, and other instruments (such as grippers). Further accessories such as tip-washing stations, reservoirs etc. are available as well.

It is a versatile and flexible pipetting platform. Whether MALDI sample preparation, genetic engineering, nucleic acid extraction, (q)PCR setup, NGS library preparation, cell application and many more – the CyBio FeliX is suitable for the automation of virtually every laboratory workflow.

  • Unique, compact design with 12 positions on 2 levels
  • Closed stand-alone system, optionally without housing for a laminar flow workbench and for integration into automation systems
  • Flexible pipetting system for 1 - 384-channel operations featuring exchangeable pipetting heads and an automatic change of liquid handling adapters

Key Features:

  • Time-saving – the fully automatic system allows you to concentrate on future application developments  
  • Space-saving – compact design for every laboratory
  • Individual – Adaptable and flexible, CyBio FeliX can be expanded to meet your needs 
  • Cost-saving – With its interchangeable heads and adapters, CyBio FeliX allows you to save by miniaturizing samples and reagents.

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