"Aurora spectral flow cytometer is a high performance system enabling versatile immunological experiments. Its spectral unmixing capabilities and easy setup, without optical filters exchange, enables easy operation and multi-parametric analysis. With more than 20 parameters analyzed within one sample, Cytek Aurora brings our research to a next level"

Dr Mojca Benčina

National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"We experienced the advantages of spectral cytometry to traditional technology. The use fluorochromes unique signatures is a great approach to easily discriminate certain events including getting rid of potential contaminating dyes. The possibility of creating and saving templates with SpectroFlo software makes the evaluation much easier, especially in cases of complicated gating strategy. Templates pre-defined by Cytek with ready to use commercial kits also come in handy. We have been using the Cytek Northern Lights for several months now, we are really happy with the performances and easy of use."

Dr Tibor Vaszko

National Institute of Oncology, Budapest, Hungary

"The new generation of FACS provided by the spectral-based technology of Cytek Aurora CS opens the way to investigate up to 48 parameters in our configuration. The deep immunophenotyping could reveal the single-cell heterogeneity of prestigious human clinical samples and the 6-way sorting of particular cell types makes further investigations easier to perform. The software for the operation and analysis are really user friendly, so we strongly advice the implementation of the Cytek Full Spectrum sorting technology for all laboratories."

Dr Szebeni Gábor

Szegedi Biological Research Center, Hungary

Aurora CS-Cell Sorter - Cytek Biosciences

The Cytek Aurora has changed the course of cell analysis research worldwide. With its technologically advanced features, flexibility, and intuitive software workflows, Cytek Aurora has become a favorite in many research labs. Now, scientists can value from a high-capacity sorter fueled by Cytek’s innovative full spectrum technology. Enter in Cytek Aurora CS, possessing all of sister Aurora’s best traits:

  • Autofluorescence extraction to help you visualize positively expressing cells clearly
  • One configuration for all applications
  • Real time visualization of your multicolor assays with Live Unmixing
  • Up to 5 lasers and 64 fluorescence APD detectors, enabling high quality, highly resolved data demonstrated up to 40 colors
  • Intuitive SpectroFlo Software with new Sort Control user interface

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Coming in spring 2021, meet the Cytek Aurora CS ACCELA Educational webinar series : Cytek Aurora in action, how to easily resolve highly overlapping dyes ? Cytek webinar : Improved flow cytometry assay resolution with autofluorescence extraction Cytek Spectral cytometers : taking science one step further with 200+ Publications Build your experiments online with new Spectrum Viewer and SpectroFlo Experiment Builder Cytek Aurora webinar: design of immuno-oncology panels for research and clinical routine Cytek webinar : Evaluating Spectral Cytometry for Immune Profiling in Viral Disease Top 10 Pharma companies have chosen CYTEK for their flow cytometry facility Webinar recording: Autofluorescence management - the power of Spectral Flow Cytometry Have you missed Cytek Aurora Cell Sorter launch @CYTO 2021? Introducing Cytek NEW 25-Color Immunoprofiling Assay & Kit! Aurora CS spectral sorter - 28 Color in-depth purity sorting Why use Cytek Aurora? See More, Sort More with Cytek Full Spectrum Systems Introducing Cytek Cloud Immunofluorescence Imaging for Rare Cell Detection with CyteFinder II Introducing Cytek Human Leukocyte Kit, the first ever 15-color lyse no-wash assay Revolutionize your Flow Cytometry and Sorting workflow with Cytek Biosciences Webinar recording: Use of Cytek Spectral Flow Cytometry in Clinical Trials 43 markers, ONE tube : Impress yourself with Cytek Aurora Spectral Cytometer Cytek webinar: High Parameter Spectral Flow Cytometry for Tumor Immunology Research Cytek webinar recording : introducing the new Autofluorescence (AF) Explorer in Spectroflo 3.2.1 Integration of Full Spectrum Analysis and Cell Sorting technology to propel discovery Extracellular Vesicle Refractive Index derivation utilizing Spectral Flow Cytometry Webinar: transforming Calcium Flux analysis with Cytek Full Spectrum Profiling Technology Introducing The Cytek Orion: Reagent Cocktail Preparation System Improve your data resolution with Cytek Autofluorescence Extraction tool! A 19-color single-tube Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry for the detection of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cytek SpectroFlo Software Version 3.3 has been released! Have you missed any recent Cytek webinars? Watch webinars and product tutorial videos at any time The Cytek "Spectral Duo": the first and only Spectral Cell Sorter and Analyzer made for each other
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