"We have chosen Etaluma LS620 for its superb combination of optics, image quality, sturdiness and ability to operate at very high relative humidity inside an incubator. We are using it for cell culture under flow in microfluidic chips in tightly controlled environment using programmatic hypoxia modeling and other cell environment modeling conditions. Since LS620 is a digital inverted fluorescent microscope, it allows for parameter setup and image capture from distance reducing incubator environment interreference."

Prof. Soren Hayrabedyan

Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, Sofia, Bulgaria

Lumascope 850 - Etaluma

Latest generation, 3 colors, fully-automated microscope

The powerful, new LS850 Microscope is the latest generation of our fully automated three-channel flagship model and offers the latest advances in optics, cameras, throughput, and user flexibility. . The LS850 improves the image quality, motion speed, illumination, and software flexibility over the previous LS720 model. Exquisite XY motion control, motorized focus that allows autofocus and z-stacks, and easy-to-configure software combine to facilitate your automated microscopy experiments. The LS850 in your incubator allows you to have a live cell imaging system that offers minimum photo toxicity and the most stable environment for long term imaging. Whether imaging multiple fields in your flasks or 1536 wells of cells with 3 fluorophores in a multi-day time-lapse, the LS850 offers a whole new world of walk-away automated microscopy.

 Key features:

  • Images, tiled images, Z-stacks, time-lapse series, and videos
  • Bright field and phase contrast transmitted illumination
  • Multi-OS software allows set-up and control across any locations, including microplates, microfluidic chips, slides, dishes, flasks, and deck-top chambers and custom arrays
  • Compact and robust design enables use inside cell culture hoods, incubators, hypoxic chambers, and gloveboxes
  • Detects blue, green and red fluorophores, including common probes such as Hoechst, DAPI, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP, Texas Red & mCherry GFP
  • Objective compatibility with standard lenses and automated 4-objective turret



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