"Our team as medical microbiology oriented group thanks to BioFlux system is able to get closer to microenviroment in in-vitro studies. Searching for new drugs, antibacterial activity, biofilm forms of the multidrug-resistant clinical strain analyze by microcapillary flow conditions indicate promising results and cooperations.“

Dr Ewa Dworniczek

Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

"The BioFlux 200 system in combination with Lumascope 720 microscope, help our research by visualizing cell interactions and monocyte to endothelium adhesion mechanisms under shear flow.The bundled solution proves a novel and attractive experimental approach, compared to conventional static live-cell assays."

Dr Przemysław Błyszczuk, Dr Marcin Czepiel

Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Collegium Medicum), Krakow, Poland

BioFlux 200 - Fluxion Biosciences

In-vivo conditions for live cell assays

The BioFlux 200 provides a complete solution for adding flow-based experiments to an existing inverted microscope. BioFlux utilizes the innovative Well Plate Microfluidic technology to embed micron-scale fluidic channels on the bottom of a standard well plate. By controlling the flow across the experimental channel, you can simulate a wide range of physiological conditions. Using the well plate format ensures that the experimental setup and image acquisition fit right in to your existing workflow.

Bringing physiological flow to live cell assays allows to study the original cellular behavior in the fields of vascular biology, platelets and cardiovascular disorders, oncology, stem cells and biofilms.

Key Features:

  • The Pressure Interface mounts on top of the BioFlux Plates and sits on an inverted microscope.
  • The BioFlux Controller connects to the Pressure Interface and controls shear flow, temperature and flow direction.
  • BioFlux Plates are SBS-standard well plates with integrated flow cells that can be loaded using pipettes or liquid handling workstations. The bottom of each flow cell is formed with a 180μm cover slip for optimal imaging.
  • BioFlux Software offers complete control over experimental conditions, including dynamic control over shear flow changes

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