MultiRad - Precision X-Ray

Fully Integrated X-ray Irradiation System

Featuring 350kV, 225kV and 160kV energy ranges with Automated Dose QA, the MultiRad range was designed to deliver plug and play systems with the highest dose and the most uniform beam profile, while requiring the least amount of physics support. Ideal for cells and small animals, as well as a broad range of industrial applications

  • Multirad 160 - The perfect choice for cell and tissue culture irradiation. Easy to use by anyone, the 160 offers the same great features as the higher energry range models.
  • MultiRad 225 - Ideal for larger cell cultures and small animal applications. The 225 delivers a higher dose for multiple, larger cell and tissue cultures, and provides increased dose depth irradiation of small animals.
  • MultiRad 350 - The highest dose with the most uniform depth. The 350 is ideal for very dense biological specimens and a broad range of industrial applications.
  • Imaging - Upgrade your MultiRad 225 or 160 with a digital detector. Add high resolution imaging to your MultiRad system to aid in targeting regions for irradiation with either a fixed beam or variable collimator.


  • Cabinets require no additional shielding
  • Fully integrated system with closed-loop cooling system
  • Advanced Automated Dose Control (ADC) for exact dose setting
  • Easy-to-use intuitive touch screen - minimal training required
  • Secure system with password login, remote diagnostics and support
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray Systems

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