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Real-time and quantitative analysis of Macrophage Phagocytosis with RTCA eSight

Agilent technologies

Feb 23, 2024

The eSight is currently the only instrument that interrogates cell health and behavior using cellular

Visualization of Tumor-Related Blood Vessels in Small Animals by Photoacoustic 3D Imaging System


Feb 21, 2024

In Vivo Label-Free Observation of Tumor-Related Blood Vessels in Small Animals Using a Newly Designed Photoacoustic 3D...

Therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells in myocardial infarction


Feb 19, 2024

Intrapericardial hydrogel injection generates high cell retention and augments therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem...

Whole-slide biomarker quantitation in 82-patient NSCLC cohort study of acquired resistance to PD-(L)


Feb 7, 2024

Samples from 82 patients with NSCLC and matched pre- and post-ICI biopsies were subjected to genomic profiling and to...

Improve your data resolution with Cytek Autofluorescence Extraction tool!

Cytek Biosciences

Feb 5, 2024

Samples with high autofluorescence (AF) can be difficult to resolve with conventional flow cytometry, especially if...

Evaluation with BLI of synthetic immune checkpoint engagers in allogenic mice

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jan 17, 2024

Synthetic immune checkpoint engagers protect HLA-deficient iPSCs and derivatives from innate immune cell cytotoxicity

Application of focal X-ray irradiation in canaries

Precision X-Ray

Jan 15, 2024

Effects of the depletion of neural progenitors by focal X-ray irradiation on song production and perception in canaries

Radiation planning for image guided preclinical radiotherapy

Precision X-Ray

Jan 12, 2024

Doctoral Thesis, Stefan van Hoof, Maastricht University 2019

IVM and single cell transcriptomic analysis for engraftment of mesenchymal stem cells

IVIM Technology

Jan 10, 2024

To facilitate the translation of preclinical studies into clinical practice, the precise in vivo behaviors of the...

Flexible multiplex panel design with new Orion Reagents


Jan 5, 2024

Orion Reagents are tailored to enable spatial biomarker quantitation rapidly, easily and with maximum flexibility....

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ACCELA educational webinar: Drive key insights and discoveries with new live cell analysis applications for eSight

Nov 14, 2023

In this educational webinar we will discuss and demonstrate the newly released application modules of eSight system:

  • 3D spheroid invasion: Study invasive potential of tumor spheroids over time as you measure and quantify metastatic potential by label or label-free analysis. Investigate response to treatments and the inhibitory effect on invasion and progression.
  • Dilution cloning: Easily track cell monoclonal stable cell lines over time using a limited dilution cloning method on eSight. Automatically screen clonal cell lines with minimal effort and high efficiency.
  • Wound healing migration and invasion: Assess the effects of treatments on cell migration profiles and investigate the rate of wound closure. Explore metastatic potential and how various conditions affect or delay healing. Metrics such as wound width, confluence, cell index, object count, and density are easily measurable with automated software.
  • Cell-by-cell analysis: Continuously monitor and quantify single cell segmentation by label-free analysis. Gather cell count and nuclear fluorescent recognition count as a function over time. Measure cell subpopulations over time and gain insights into cellular heterogeneity.
  • Immunotherapy: Now easily calculate and convert to % cytolysis using imaging parameters to expand your Immunotherapy and Immune Cell Killing Analysis and measure potency with ease.

Thursday November 30, 15:00, CET

Riccardo Pasculli, FAS, ACCELA

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The eSight system combines the label-free xCELLigence RTCA technology with live cell imaging in 3 colors (red, green, and blue), all inside your incubator

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