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X-RAD 320 for irradiation therapy during quantifying study for in vivo collagen reorganization

Precision X-Ray

Jun 5, 2024

Quantifying in vivo collagen reorganization during immunotherapy in murine melanoma with second harmonic generation...

Exosome-Mediated Delivery of Small Molecules, RNA & DNA for Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Spectral Instruments Imaging

Jun 3, 2024

Disha Moholkar of University of Louisville's Gupta Lab
Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 6:30 PM

Emulate in vivo conditions – introduce shear flow to your experiments with BioFlux system

Cell Microsystems

May 27, 2024

Most research is still conducted in vitro without the presence of flow. We use the BioFlux System to give you the...

High-frequency Ultrasound System For Preclinical Imaging


May 13, 2024

The Prospect T1 is an innovative high-frequency ultrasound system designed specifically for in vivo preclinical imaging...

April 2024 publication revealing benefits of using intravital microscopy in trascriptomics studies

IVIM Technology

May 7, 2024

Transcriptional activation of Bmal1 drives the inflammatory activity of monocytes by modulating mitochondrial unfolded...

Omics Studies of Tumor Cells under Microgravity Conditions


May 6, 2024

It is important for the analysis of data from space experiments to distinguish unspecific stress reactions from...

Column-Free CD14+ Monocyte Isolation using 50nm Superparamagentic Beads on MARS® Bar

Applied Cells

Apr 25, 2024

The MARS® Bar Magnetic Separation Platform is a closed and automated isolation for cell therapy development and...

Spatial and temporal profiling of the complement system uncovered novel functions of the alternative


Apr 24, 2024

Mounting evidence implicated the classical complement pathway (CP) in normal brain development, and the pathogenesis of...

Study finds\; Plasma p-tau217, p-tau181, and NfL as early indicators of dementia risk of AD


Apr 24, 2024

Blood biomarkers showed values for predicting future cohnitive impairment. Evidence from the community-based cohort was...

The chicken chorioallantoic membrane as a low-cost, high-throughput model for cancer imaging

Precision X-Ray

Apr 4, 2024

Here, we assessed the chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) as an alternative to mice for preclinical cancer imaging...

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SIMOA-based analysis of plasma NFL levels in MCI and AD patients

Nov 3, 2023

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is widely recognized as the most common etiology of dementia [1] and is currently ranked as the sixth most prevalent cause of mortality in the United States. The global prevalence of AD is expected to rise to 135 million individuals by the year 2050 [1].

There is currently no definitive diagnostic test or biomarker for the disease, which means that diagnosis often involves ruling out other causes of cognitive decline [2]. Several biomarkers have been identified that can potentially be used for diagnosing AD in its early stages. The four main biomarkers found in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), i.e., amyloid beta (Aβ)1–42, Aβ42/40 ratio, Tau, and phosphorylated-Tau (p-Tau)181, are reliable for supporting AD diagnosis as they indicate the hallmark AD pathologies of amyloidosis and neurodegeneration [3]. Although these CSF biomarkers are reliable for supporting AD diagnostics, the process of collecting CSF can be inconvenient for subjects and may cause procedural efforts. This prevents their use as a screening item in initial, asymptomatic subjects and makes repetitive monitoring of the disease progression challenging. Therefore, there is a significant necessity to develop blood-based markers that can provide targeted and fairly noninvasive screening tests in the right context of clinical application

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Simoa technology is changing the way in which the biology of health and disease is studied by giving researchers the ability to closely examine critical biomarkers.

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The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer is a fully automated instrument for running immunoassays using the Quanterix single molecule array, or Simoa platform.

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Technology for robust multiplex circulating biomarker detection at the earliest stages of disease progression - even at healthy baseline levels.

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The SR-X is designed for ultra-sensitive multiplex detection of up to six analytes per well, with low volume requirements to increase productivity and throughput, while conserving your precious samples.

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