"We used Curiox HT2000 to stain T lymphocytes (including Treg) from peripheral blood cells. We tested different antibodies for both surface and intracellular markers.The laminar flow cell washing procedure was found to be much more gentle than centrifugation, therefore the proportion of intact lymphocytes was higher compared to standard centrifugation. Additionally, the sample preparation is much faster and easier using Curiox laminar wash technology than classical centrifugation."

Dr Katarzyna Piwocka

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland

Laminar Wash System HT2000 - Curiox

Superior flow cytometry data using centrifuge-less washing

The Laminar Wash HT2000 System builds on the success of the HT1000 System and improves the user experience by increasing ease-of-use with a touch-screen interface, an optional integrated buffer exchanger, and easy integration with automation platforms.With the Laminar Wash technique, cells undergo a gentle wash without added stress, allowing a higher retention of cells for acquisition and cell sorting. In addition, cell surface markers are not modified and unbound antibodies are washed off efficiently, producing cleaner and better segregated data. For high throughput flow cytometry labs, they will be able to achieve consistency by reducing variation from manual handling.

Key features:

  • Enables biosafety by reducing aerosolization and fits in most biosafety cabinets
  • Built for easy integration into automation systems
  • Consistency by reducing variation from manual handling
  • Time savings by completing cell washing in 3 minutes
  • Reduced cell stress due to no centrifugation
  • Easy integration into your lab automation
  • A key tool for single cell sequencing sample preparation

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