"Novocyte is an easy-to-use, friendly instrument that can be fully customized if one wishes, yet it produces reliable measurements on basically any set of samples using the default settings"

Dr Gyorgy Vereb

Medical University of Debrecen, Hungary

"NovoCyte is a compact and powerful flow cytometer: three lasers and the auto-sampler in our configuration makes this cytometer a great choice for all our applications (from evaluation of bacteria in milk to livestock sperm analysis). Additionally, we enjoy the NovoExpress software, incredibly intuitive, user-friendly and fast. NovoExpress is fully comparable to any other "gold-standard" flow cytometry software".

Dr Filipp Savvulidi

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

"We have experienced easy multicolour compensation with NovoCyte flow cytometer. The system shows considerably higher digital resolution compared to common benchtop cytometers and do not require instrument settings adjustment for extended period of time. Moreover, good reproducibility of the measurements without standard beads makes our data robusts and comparable"

Prof Tamás Bíró

Medical University of Debrecen, Hungary

"NovoCyte is an easy-to-use, compact and user-friendly flow cytometer, suitable for a wide range of biological experiments"   

Dr Josef P. Magyar

NEXTREAT Laboratories, Hajmáskér, Hungary

"The NovoCyte flow cytometer is a powerful instrument enabling the measurement of cells, bacteria and even microvesicles using three laser only. It produces reliable data  and provides higher digital resolution compared to common benchtop cytometers. NovoCyte does not require special adjustments by user, it is ready to use and fully automated during start-up and shut-down procedure. With support of our NovoSampler PRO loader we enjoy the full automation also during samples measurement. NovoExpress software is very intuitive allowing new user to manage their work independently" 

Dr. Jindřich Chmelař

Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, CZ

NovoCyte - Agilent technologies

The flow cytometer for everyone

Address the full range of current and future multi-parameter cellular analysis research needs with the NovoCyte flow cytometer! ACEA brings researchers high performance flow cytometry at a low investment cost with the NovoCyte platform. ACEA offers a system which is:

  • Powerful - up to 17 parameter detections with enhanced sensitivity and resolution.
  • Intuitive - automated instrument maintenance functions and advanced data analysis capabilities for greater usability.
  • Customizable – (Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow) 1 to 3 laser options, exchangeable filters, multiple sampling options and flexible analysis formats with NovoSampler PRO.

Other important features enhance usability such as a fixed optical alignment, 24-bit detection dynamic range with no need for PMT voltage adjustment, accurate volumetric-based cell counting, pressure sensors to monitor fluidic status in real-time, and automatic cleaning and de-contamination processes. ACEA also developed the NovoExpress software which is intuitive and easy to use. Flexible analysis templates and plotting tools offer enhanced data analysis efficiency.

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