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In vivo cellular-level imaging platform

New therapeutics manipulating in vivo micro-units, such as cell therapy, gene therapy, targeted molecular therapy is the core of future precision medicine and diagnosis. IVIM Technology All-in-One IntraVital Microscopy (IVM) is a state-of-the-art in vivo imaging platform capable of micro-scale cellular imaging optimized for precisely analyzing and diagnosing the pathophysiology of various human diseases and for testing the efficacy of new therapeutics in vivo.

IVM enables real-time imaging of various cellular level phenomena inside the living body, thus providing a new insight in the processes through which various diseases occur. Then, scientists can directly verify a hypothesis based on data collected in ex vivo or artificial in vitro environments in an in vivo environment at the cellular level.

IVM also enables real-time cellular level observation and analysis of dynamic phenomena in living tissues in vivo. It is possible to directly analyze the delivery and efficacy of new therapeutic agents such as cell therapy agents, gene therapy agents, molecular target therapy agents, and biopharmaceutical agents in an in vivo environment. 

Key Features:

  • All-in-one system with a flexible design for modification and updates
  • Optimized for in vivo observation of mouse model for human diseases
  • Video-rate imaging (max. 100 fps - 512x512 pixels)
  • 4-color simultaneous confocal/two-photon imaging
  • Sub- µm in vivo imaging resolution

 Key Applications:

  • In Vivo 4D cell imaging, tracking and monitoring
  • In Vivo visualization of dynamic molecular & cellular mechanisms
  • In Vivo efficacy monitoring of novel drug compound
  • In Vivo monitoring of material delivery target tissues
  • In Vivo real-time imaging of microcirculation

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