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One platform. Genotype + Phenotype.

The Tapestri Platform is the first and only single-cell multi-omics platform that is capable of simultaneously providing both genotype and phenotype data from the same cell, across thousands of cells.  

Leveraging proprietary droplet microfluidics, the platform unlocks access to DNA at the single-cell level with a novel two-step protease workflow. This methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability. DNA is ready for library preparation and NGS application.

Key Features:

  • Targeted detecting of SNVs, CNVs and proteins simultaneously from the same cell
  • Obtaing information about genotype and phenotype in one step
  • Single-cell DNA throughput up to 10,000 cells
  • Detect rare subclones down to 0.1%
  • Resolve clonal architecture
  • Identify mutation co-occurrence
  • Simple workflow
  • User-friendly bioinformatics software
  • Customizable content
  • Small footprint of one square foot
  • Uses novel two-step protease workflow
  • Provides high sensitivity to reveal true heterogeneity of cell population
  • Tool for detection of treatment response, resistance and relapse
  • Compatible with Illumina NGS platforms

Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Panels

Panels can be applied across a wide number of applications, including hematologic malignancies, solid tumor profiling, and genome editing programs

I. Catalog Panels

Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Panel

  • Covers some of the most commonly mutated genes associated with CLL
  • Targets 32 genes with 274 amplicons for single-cell sequencing

Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Acute Myeloid Leukemia Panel

  • Covers some of the most commonly mutated genes associate with AML
  • Targets 19 genes with 125 amplicons for single-cell sequencing

Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Myeloid Panel

  • Targets SNVs and indels across 45 driver genes with 312 amplicons for relevant mutations
  • Cover a comprehensive set of myeloid disorders including AML, MDS, CML etc.

Tapestri Single-Cell Tumor Hotspot Panel

  • Targets SNV and indel mutation across 59 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
  • Genes are relevant in a range of different solid tumors

Additional Solid Tumor Panels

  • BRCA Breast Invasive Carcinoma
  • SKCM Skin
  • GBM Brain
  • OV Ovary
  • LUAD Lung
  • COAD Colon
  • PAAD Pancreas
  • PRAD Prostate etc.

II. Custom Panels

  • Tapestri Designer for Custom Single-Cell DNA Panels
  • Maximum flexibility to study variants relevant to your research
  • Targeting of  whole genes, transcripts, chromosome regions, SNPs and small indels
  • Multiplex from 20 to 500 target amplicons in a single panel
  • Simple and intuitive online design website
  • Customization of existing catalog panels with targets of interest
  • Expert bioinformatic and technical support for panel design inquiries

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